Deductible Buy-Back Hazard Insurance

This program mitigates first-dollar property loss exposure for property owners who carry high-deductible property coverage. We offer several DBB options for areas at risk of earthquake, wind/hail or flood, and all other perils. We also offer a specific inland DBB program for areas at risk of hail and wind damage.

Program Features

  • Mitigates first-dollar property loss exposure of property insurance holders whose policies have prohibitively high deductibles
  • Solutions for property owners who have difficulty complying with mortgage or loan terms when they must accept a higher deductible due to their location in a high-risk area
  • DBB for policy holders who live in areas prone to earthquake, wind/hail or flood
  • Inland DBB for policy holders who live in noncoastal areas prone to wind and hail

Deductible Buy Back Limits Available

  • $2 million for any one occurrence (earthquake, windstorm or flood)
  • $500,000 any one occurrence for all other non-catastrophe perils (AOP)

Inland Deductible Buy-Back Limits Available

  • Up to $250,000 any one occurrence in respect to windstorm and hailstorm damage (higher limits available on requests)
  • Maximum total insured value (TIV) of $7.5 million per risk.
    (Larger TIVs available on request)
  • Minimum attachment point $10,000 per occurrence

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