Insurmark Online

Insurmark created this secure, real-time, transactional website to enable our customers – free of charge – to efficiently and effectively manage forced placed or real estate owned insurance placement. It’s a significant component of the ease of doing business with Insurmark.

To sign-up, call 800-833-5912 or email enables customers to:

  • Add, Cancel or change coverage
  • Calculate pro rata premiums
  • View and print loss status and history of individual properties
  • View and print property premium billing history
  • Print property file sheets showing coverage and transaction history
  • Print an in-force property report for all properties insured on a given date
  • Print monthly bills from website
  • Print debit and credit premium escrow tickets from monthly billings by coverage
  • Print three most recent monthly invoices, which the website archives
  • Manage reports by adding departments to separate divisions or asset managers

Insurmark Provides:

  • Webinar training to customer’s staff
  • User ID and password for each employee of the insured who will be using

Policies underwritten and issued by Insurmark, a Managing General Underwriter. All carriers rated A.M. Best "A."
This information provides only a general description of the coverage afforded in the policies offered and should not be considered as altering the insuring agreement, terms, conditions, exclusions and endorsements of the policy itself. Please read the provisions contained in the actual policies and discuss them with your insurance professional.
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