Lender Placed Insurance

Hazard, including flood, this option enables lenders to cover borrower’s lapsed residential and commercial property insurance. In addition, our Lender Placed Mortgage Property Insurance provides foreclosed and real estate-owned property coverage and liability coverage.


Program Features

  • Customized to client needs, including coverage, maximum limits and deductibles
  • Premium earned on daily, pro rata basis
  • Itemized billing for all coverages and transactions
  • Monthly or annual billing options by property
  • Reporting of properties by fax, email, Insurmarkonline.com or electronic data transfer
  • Simple website administration via Insurmarkonline.com

Eligible Property (occupied or vacant)

  • Residential dwellings (1-4 family)
  • Mobile and manufactured homes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Commercial business property


  • United States


Eligible Insureds

  • Commercial banks, mortgage banks, savings and loans, and credit unions
  • Mortgage servicers

Policies underwritten and issued by Insurmark, a Managing General Underwriter. All carriers rated A.M. Best "A."
This information provides only a general description of the coverage afforded in the policies offered and should not be considered as altering the insuring agreement, terms, conditions, exclusions and endorsements of the policy itself. Please read the provisions contained in the actual policies and discuss them with your insurance professional.
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