Vacant Property Insurance

September 2020

What is a Vacant Property Insurance? It is coverage for vacant, residential dwellings, vacant commercial buildings and land.  Insurmark’s program offers property coverage, including fire, theft and wind/hail for select risks and liability coverage.  

With direct access to an online quoting platform, Insurmark makes it easy to offer vacant property and liability coverage to your clients.  Here are just a few advantages of the program:

  • You can obtain an indication for eligible risks in under one minute.
  • Get a quote for up to six vacant locations in a single state, under one policy. 
  • Deductible options start as low as $1,000 and eligible risks may qualify for special perils with replacement cost settlements. 
  • For coverage limits, Insurmark can offer up to $3 million in property building limits (Coverage A) for eligible vacant residential risks.  Other structures (Coverage B) and personal property (Coverage C) each offer limits up to 20% of Coverage A.
  • Property coverage may be quoted on a mono-line basis or you can quote a full package, including liability with commercial general liability policy limits as low as $100,000/$200,000 and up to $1 million/$2 million. 

Note: The Vacant Property program is available in all states, except Florida and New York.